Sunday, July 8, 2012

Parasite treatment !

Today was the first day of treating parasites for Hasan. We started Albendazole and he was very emotional today . Cried most of the day :( Hoping this will become better behavior soon !

Friday, July 6, 2012

Low energy .. Time for some Mito Help

Past 2 days Hasan has been more lethargic than usual and that certainly not normal to me. He just seems very tired and not able to run as much when we go to the park. Since its summer break I have been taking both kids to the park everyday , I try to switch the location so that we can work on rigidity . I am thinking the lethargy is because I haven't had Hasan take any Mitochondrial supports for a few weeks now. But I am going to have to add them back in. Will update the Mito-cocktail info soon. We will be adding acetyl L Carnitine , idebenone,creatine and Ribose to our daily regimen. Let's see if that will get a hold of the situation . If not we check Thyroid function , adrenal function as well as blood sugar levels .. May the force be with this kiddo .. No really let it be please ?!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My answer to people who asked "why we chelate "

First off I want to write this post for the people who are not well versed with Biomedical treatment and to those who think they have studied in medical school and think they have got all the training and education in the world. To the people who have told me "Glutathione""DMPS" is dangerous and chelation is unproven . Ahem Yo put a big fat sock in it first!!!'.
. Now I shall proceed ......There are many reasons I decided to chelate my son , first of being that the number one month the problems started we had mercury toxicity symptoms . What symptoms you say ?? Well here ....Hand flapping(HUGE) , screaming , tantrumming , no focus , no facial recognition ,NO awareness , no speech , no complex reasoning ,multiple food allergies , hypothyroidism , stunted growth , blurred vision etc etc etc . The thing is the root of everything was caused because of metal poisoning . And I wanted to tackle it first . I do not and will not Want My child on a restricted diet all his life. I do not want him to have hypothyroidism which will not reverse itself without removing the heavy metals . I just don't understand why you wouldn't want to take the crap out of your child's body when he HAS autism !! It is destroying so much staying in there.. As time goes on they will need vision glasses .. Big focal lenses , seasonal allergies , extended bellies and I just can't let it happen , I cannot and just will not . I am sorry but if I need to recover my son inshallah which I will do , God willing it will happen .... It Will happen soon enough ... Just so the logics , the science , the damage through vaccine will come out and mothers like me will stand up for the rights of our children .

As for me I believe in removing the problem , not covering it up .I just want my child back to optimal functioning and health ,this will require removing the junk and replenishing the body with what those metals have robbed them
Of . Not many children with autism 'recover 'that have not been chelated .. It's the top treatment in Autism recovery .. If you have any questions please do ask me , call or email I will help ...I believe that God has put us here for a reason the reason is infront of you .

Sunday, July 1, 2012

When your not JUST a mom .

This post has been on my mind for a while . It's difficult to be a mom , it's even harder to be a mom of a child with special needs, the point is a woman is never really responsible for just one thing . Past few days have been rough on me , specially because of marital issues , that's a different post but I can say that much that I am very very bitter in my heart because of it . It doesn't mean I am going to stop treating my son , it only means I am the only one paddling this boat and means it requires more time, effort and strength. To any single mother out there please take matters into your own hands.... I have completed my training as a Nutritionist , all the training and data taking in Behavioral modification and I have gotten my phlebotomist training to be able to give intravenous meds to my kids that obviously I cannot afford to pay 200-400 per week. If you have a child that benefits from a treatment go out there , learn how to implement it ,learn how to stand up and do it your self stop waiting for people ....,timing is very crucial in recovery. You are in control and no one can stop you "if you want"! oh yeah and please don't let your children get away with autistic behaviors when you can redirect !!! ... Redirect them to a more appropriate behavior even if it means all day all night .. I promise they won't continue when they know they cannot , don't give in to autism cannot take over your life unless YOU let it !! ... You just have to keep going even if it means you stop everything else at the moment , get up and make a difference. Too many kids , too little time ... do it yourself ,because your kids need you .. My job of putting this post out-there is done ... Cheers

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chelation update

So three days ago we had an IV push for chelation increasing the DMPS to 100 mg , Glutathione to 400 mg (50mg/ml), Phosphatadylcholine one vial that is 250mg. Hasan was a a lot calmer but has a few aggressive episodes. Played tag and the vocals reduced to just half !!! Thank God !!! Let's hope I can find something to help with his Eye stims and OCD!! Will be starting olive leaf extract and Lysine soon !! First we have to treat the parasites and the yeast ... Hoping to find something that helps with the teeth grinding and loud vocals !!! Man I am tired tonight ..

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

OCD I will get you !! Trust me I will

So it's been a long and crazy journey ..past few months have been extremely stressful for my family . One we travelled across the world for my sisters wedding , then now we are stuck with OCDs that won't quit ! So we have done Vancomycin and that didn't work , azythromycin didn't do anything but increas the tantrums ! So I decided to ask the doctor for treating the Parasites . We will be starting 1) Albendazole as well as 2) Nutricidal 3 caps twice/day for 2 weeks then 2 twice/day for 3 weeks. The reason for this was the Constant teeth grinding and high vocals ! I'm talking high !! We will see how this goes but I am sure it has to help .. God make this easier for my child help him calm himself thru your healing ..

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Never underestimate the power of words".

 Recently I was approached by a mother of a young child who had recently gotten diagnosed . She looked at me with her tear filled eyes after over hearing me talk to the doctor about my son and came up to and said,      " How do you stand up straight and not break down and how do you smile after knowing your child will never have a future ?, how are you so strong where do you get your strength from ,because I don't think I can survive?"  When I initially saw her with her child I connected to her pain right from the get go, I saw her eyes I saw her frown I knew as a mother what I'm about to witness and was already thinking of a way to just go up to her hold her hand and tell her there's hope, I want to help you ..but how would I do that ? I wish someone would have done that for me when my son was diagnosed............but anyways  ...... those questions brought back so memories for me that ,it was she had had blew off a bunch of leaves off the ground, that were covering up a story, the story of " My true Strength" .It was more like her words had dug deep down into my soul ,into my heart and all that I had lying inside of me for 20Years ... I reminded myself of my Grandmother and how she spent hundreds of hours with me when I was 9 years old and very chubby child rather lost and timid and scared,  telling me inspirational stories of faith, of hope of "strength " yes strength .. I remember my tiny Room in a corner lot of an apartment building in southern California and her lying on the floor with me with the rays of the sun coming down on her wrinkled up hands and her eyes filled with surma  [an Indian eye pencil ] and her telling me stories of some of which I have never forgotten she told me usually after a long story  "Marium Strong banna hai Strong ,bohat strong meri jaisi " which in English means you have to become strong Marium, strong very strong just like me"  ..                                                                                            Those words.... that moment .....those few seconds of her time ,her voice , her passion her inner strength had somehow gotten under my skin ... And till this day each time I fall weak .. I close my eyes and take myself back in time ,to call Upon her voice , her eyes lit up from the sunlight coming through the window of my tiny room , those wrinkled hands holding a book she had just read to me, I'll Never forget , and those words that breathed a breath of strength in my heart . Iam thankful for the time she has given me to give me what I needed more than the roof on my head or the food in my plate at that time  .. She gave me a heart to stand up to roughest of times and smile and move forward as if I did I will be a "True Warrior". Never underestimate the power of words ......Stay Strong and positive xoxoxo                                                                                      P.s. I did talk to that mom and she and I are both thankful to have found each other and on how far our children have gotten because we stayed "Strong"  ;]

Monday, January 16, 2012

A list of treatments that need to be done ..

This list is basically note to myself "Hasans mom" for what I want to do in this year for Hasan. Here we go this year I will make sure this gets done .. Ok so if something happens to me , please make sure my son is treated , he is not well. He needs medical attention autism is not just a delay! Here's my list may God help me get help for Hasan. This is my reason to live now ... Hbot hard chamber 40 dives at 1.75 . Also Keep IV glutathione and PC going include Vit C . Anti inflammatory since I feel he has a lot of inflammation ! Trial of IVIG with Dr. Gupta since I suspect PANDAS which is strep infection in his blood . Also get him treated and scoped with dr krigsman in newyork or austin Texas Need to fix his gut !! Keep him on digestive enzymes and SCD for until possible ( 3 years atleast). Keep home daily hbot going ! Don't stop B12 either. Starting leucovorin for his folate antibodies in his brain to reverse the autoantibodies against folate , starting slow going upto 25mg working from 5 mf taking 3 months to go upto full dose . IS starting listening therapy for attention and focus. Also continuing homeopathy to get him to optimal health and reduce ADHD symptoms. Keep him in a 40 hr Card program in a typical classroom and continue home program possibly asking regional center for 15 in home hours since the other hours will be used at school leaving only 10 in home! Which is not nearly enough to jangle Hadans behaviors ! We will get no where with just 10 in home1 on 1 . Prayers needed . This child is going to get help he is going to feel better and God will help me get him help . I'm keeping my faith holding on to my prayers tonight and stating positive . I believe .....Dear lord you are our Savior

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Phosphatidyl Chloine IV

As nerve wrecking today was , so far so good we had our first IV Push with Phosphatidyl Choline for Hasan. Was praying he does well. Will keep you guys updated ! Looking for more awareness and speech. Fingers crossed see nothing yet though.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CARD praises ! Center for Autism Related disorders

Its been long over due that I praise the best Applied behavior analysis company we have ever worked with is CARD. Center for autism and related disorders. I love them I love the founder Doreen granpeesheh and as well as our home program Supervisor Catherine Minch !!! They have done wonders for Hasan. Their philosophy is amazing the level of expertise is incredible I have gained so much from them as a mother of a child on the spectrum on how to teach my child and how to make him respond, play,learn, socialize. I have finally found the people who understand me , my child and are willing to work harder then me to help MY child grow and learn. Also how to live life to his fullest potential. I promote aba 100%!  For those of you who do not believe in aba, you have not seen the correct way  this therapy is done perhaps as there are many companies claiming to be good( I know I have worked with 5 of them !). There are way too many companies out there who just don't get it. But I'm blessed to have found CARD .  I know CARD is a huge piece in Hssan's recovery and I owe ALOT to them! One day when my child is to his highest level of functioning I will hands down say it was because of our Supervisors and CARD's tireless dedication to constantly look over Hasan's daily programs, his behaviors , the functions of his behaviors keeping in mind his health as well. She has always been available for me to look upto, ask questions emails etc. I am beyond thankful to you Cat ! And very greatful for Doreen Granpeesheh to have founded CARD I have hope for Hasan now ,Hope for recovery!!  It seems like a possiblitly that can be achieved through teamwork, yet difficult ,but not impossible. Inshallah Next month we will have a 40 hour per week program with CARD therapists shadowing  Hasan in a Typical classroom, we are putting him in a private school (finally) Thank the Lord  !!!!! I believe this will be life changing for him, a huge positive step forward. Keep us in your well wishes. Its time for the autism tables to turn.............."to turn our way" ....its time to step into RECOVERY mode  (iA mA) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you know a child with autism please look into aba! You wont regret it!
Posting the Link below !

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gut healing recipe :) fermented cabbage !!!

This recipe is super dooper easy and it will patch up your ulcers in a jiffy !! I actually started to ferment after a few of my friends told me on how they recovered from chronic ulcers in their stomach thoguh drinking cabbage juice !! But for me that idea was not appealing as I knew it would be hard to digest for my kiddo as he has a very sensitive gut. So I deiced to ferment the cabbage this recipe has just one teaspoon sea salt mixed in 1 cup filtered water mix with the chopped organic cabbage and keep it closed in a glass jar for 3 weeks don't open it !!! . That's it :) this ferment will give you lots of natural  bioavailable Glutamine which is an amino acid essential for muscle and gut repair! So I decided to supplement this amino acid through the natural source Cabbage ! One head of cabbage (I added shredded carrots for color I like color that's an entire new topic ;) ) The main ingredient is sea salt which is key don't use table salt please. This jar will last you one month , I just pour the juice over their dinner of lunches and they have gotten enough for the day . Hope this help you guys too ! Fermenting is very easy I don't know why I waited this long .. Good luck patching up that gut =)

Methyl B 12 shot dosage adjustments.

This post has been long awaited , I have gotten so many questions form all of you guys about how to figure out the best dosage for our kiddos without negative side effects that are uncontrollable. I can advise one thing from what I know , this would just be my two cents and honest opinion but you go do the research and your thought might differ from mine. For Hasan it took me 3 years figure out HIS best dosage for MB12 , and it definitely changed every few months as well. For him we started off with a pretty high dose which was wrong I think because the one thing with Any ala carte B vitamin is ,,giving high doses of just one B vitamin can cause a deficiency in the essential B's 100% of them time. So make sure you don't over do it. With that being said the rough part is most of our spectrum kids cannot tolerate B-vitamins at all, it make them super hyper they stop eating and some can also get allergic shinner under their eyes because of the phenol and salicylate content in the B's. Some B vitamins are also made from fungal sources which in some cases cause a sensitivities of their own. Make sure you know how the vitamin is extracted ant what the true source or extracted is. Please please use a trusted company to buy the vitamins you use for these kids it can be a night and day difference. Same for the MB12 shots, not all pharmacies known how to get the compounding of this vitamins correctly, if the Methyl cobalimin is has a pH level that is not correct you just threw your money and your child's road to more "speech and focus" down the drain. Ask around if anyone you live around has used shots from the compounding pharmacy you have used. For us we only use 2 pharmacies beside those two NONE have worked .....( around 6 others we have tried) we have seen major sometimes minute regressions from the quality of the shots as well.
The initial dosage we had were according to Doctor Neubrander's recommendations to our DAN! in his training  64.5 mcg/kg once every 3 days to the adipose tissue of the buttocks at an angle severe and horizontal enough to guarantee a “shallow” subcutaneous delivery. The only syringes allowed are Becton Dickson 3/10 cc insulin syringes with an 8 mm, 31-gauge needle, item #328438. *** Be sure to understand each part of the injection instructions and follow them exactly! ***
Tips from me go as shallow as you can or your kid will just pee it out and you will see no lasting results.
When we started, Hasan was 31 pounds 25 months old and we were at 0.1 ml with the above concentration. Result were good but the initial 6 weeks he was extremely emotional , hyperactivity and grunting were through he roof. But it was a negative positive ....he had started to use his words almost immediately and didn't tantrum as much in public. After the 6 weeks period was over we added DMG it did not work for us..His speech stopped almost immediately and he had NO words and had regressed back to square one ! Talk about heartache for us , after those horrible 6 initial weeks and then an addition of just one supplements threw him off several months !!!
We tweeked the dose again to dosing every other day which seems to help him make close vocal approximations , but NO true words. So we went to everyday high daily doses which seemed to do the tricvk but I had to make sure I get his other B vitamins in through diet which was ALOT of work !!! I had to pull out all my Nutrition education and then some to get this kid to have a balanced outcome from the shots. For me I believed in the methyl donors for Autism and since seeing the initial positive negatives with the shots , I had to find the correct dosage. Inside you just know as a mother if something will work or not ...its just a mommy instinct , you know you have one , I'm very persistent trust me .
I think you would be too if you had been told your child would never talk! I was not willing to give in. Anyways the high dose daily was getting to come to a plateau so I decided to stop the shots to take a break and dose with the other B's just so the body has time to balance itself out which seemed to be a good idea. We stopped shots for 6 weeks and then dosed with B-50 vitamins in that time period along with IV glutathione( this was one the best interventions for speech)  and folinic acid in 1600 mg Folapro to balance things out. After this break when we added back the MB12 shots we saw a HUGE jump in language and eye-contact Mashallah. Yes I do give him the shots myslef ! And NO I do not recommend oral B12 for ASD kids they cause alot of dysbiosis and will not work at all the way this will I have heard from every single MB12 recovery just sharing these key points !!!  Now we do every other day shots of a lower dose 0.05 ml .
May God help us keep moving forward with all your well wishes and prayers we pray to move forward giving thanks each day.
Three key points about the MB12 shots.
1.Keep refrigerated NOT frozen !
2.Keep away from sunlight or the potency will go down to zero this is why the vial is covered will foil.
3. Use the correct needles and learn how to give a subcutaneous injection ( 30 degreee angle) only in the BUMM !   NOT an Intramuscular !! :) Good luck !
For more information regarding MB12 I have posted a link to DR. Neubranders site, who is the master mind behind MB12 therapy for autism.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Awareness and Speech

Sorry for not posting for a while here but I have been going through some huge emotional roller-coasters..but that's not always  a bad thing in my case. This usually happens when we are not doing anything new for Hasan and I start feeling like a Loser !! I don't know about you but for me when my mood goes down it usually means I'm cooking something up in my head in regards to Hasan's Autism treatments.So we are doing some interesting things for him , first of all which includes an IV infusion.
This time we are using phosphatidylcholine ! Intravenous phosphatidylcholine is used for many reasons and this will be our next step in Biomed. It helps with detoxification and is a very important nutrient in cell membrane function and liver detoxification.It is also a primary nutritional building block for the neurotransmitter  , "acetylcholine". It is also known to be very calming,since we have HUGE hyperactivity!!! This treatment is used to clear fat soluble toxins from the system as a benefit to brain and nerve cells and as part of a "phospholipid exchange" protocol aimed at treating neurotoxicity / fat soluble toxins (aka Pestricides and  flouride).

PC also directly up-regulates the fluidity of the cell membrane, improving its vitality, which is essential for all of metabolism, including neuronal transmission. Poor neuronal response is degraded in all the neurological disorders and is directly improved with Phosphatidylcholine (PC) therapy.

Raising PC levels plays an important role in improving memory and recall, and has clinically shown to improve the flow of information of all the senses and most significantly eyesight.

PC given either orally or intravenously helps restore the proper integrity of the cell membrane thereby restoring proper function of organ systems, especially the liver, the gut, the brain, immune system, heart, and hormonal system, which ultimately improves the total health of the individual.
This treatment was chosen by two well known Autism specialists and I have commenced several hours of research trying to ask people as well as read about the treatment. We will be doing 2-3 IV's to see if any improvements with Awareness and Speech. Wish us luck this will be our next positive puzzle piece, hope it fits!!! ...I know in my heart I will see something positive for Hasan. Hoping for the best, remember him in your prayers we desperately need them.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The help is finally here !!!

Ever since my son was diagnosed , all I wanted was for him to have a full time CARD program. recovery was still in far sight but , I knew if there was something he needed it was aba therapy ..may I add good aba therapy. In the past we have done numerous things for Hasan to be able to fund for this therapy, by the way which is recommended by surgeon general and is the ONLY therapy that is clinically proven to help children with Autism ,become higher functioning(more neurotypical). I really don't care what others say or do, all I know is that it helps my child and when i could not afford the 40 hours per week, I did the remaining 15 -20 hours myself. He had to get better that is all I know. So finally we are getting his full time CARD program!!!!! ( I have goose bumps as I type this) I'm forever grateful to the governor and even more important my uncle for which I am able to get Hasan this help through insurance. We are pulling him out of the severe classroom in public school and putting him in a private Pre-K (NORMAL CLASS) with a CARD shadow/aide. I know in my heart this will be the best decision I have ever made for this child. He will just flourish and thrive here. I want him to be "HAPPY" ..I want him to understand what "FUN" means, This child works so hard everyday! I salute you my are the best thing that has ever happened to a woman like me have made me so strong ...I pray every step of the way you reach great achievements , the best of health and happiness ...and may Recovery be reaching you very soon. Which it will !!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm taking a huge leap of Faith.....Staying Positive all the way !!!!!!!!!!!! Anything is possible when you " BELIEVE". Talk to you guys later :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Big Burning Question .....

Ok so we have been working with CARD Center for autism related disoreder for 5 months now and it has been amazing alhumdullilah ! Hasan has had 23 hours of aba per week and now the 11 extra for 2 months ..still not the 40 hours of aba I wanted ...but nonetheless, took an arm and a leg to get that therapy going. We have thought him how to sit ,to stand, to walk, to talk, to tell us when he gets hurt ( knowing he is non responsive to pain) which really scares me :( and a bunch of other things.After all that hard work... plus school and speech therapy our day is no where close to normal , we have an awesome home team for Hasan.....But we are really struggling with the school we always have actually....The new School district has put Hasan in a placement none of the team members are happy with they put him in a severe class room ! I know he gets more attention but at the same time there will be more behaviors to copy ..BAD behaviors..So the question is how to approach it and change it....I know many of the parents struggle with the school's funding .I know Hasan needs a mainstream class...he can IMITATE he knows whats going on ...He needs to be challenged...will the school district approve our request? ..what approach should I take with them? ... we work so hard at home ..... following through with Hasan ...I don't want all of that to get reversed..I am clueless what to do and dreading it  ...He needs mainstreaming ...he needs a Shadow to keep him on task ...I will get it for him though,whatever it takes!!! ...because in my mind it is time to put on those COMBAT BOOTS !! Folks it is time to enter the battle field (armed of course), this really does mean war ya know :/

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Clearing packets

We finally started our second round of clearing packets that we had for Hasan. These were from Rudi verspoor and right about 3 weeks ago we started the " A" packet of clearing if you are a follower well you know how much I panicked when Hasan had huge mouth sores ...It was definitely a clearing, as soon as we gave the first pack Hasan was super stimmy ( if your new to the Autism world 'stimmy " means hyperactive non compliant and maybe have  unusual preoccupations) Trust me I can put that into worse words :D . But anyhow soon as we gave the second pack he broke out with another mouth sore and within hours started coughing...well Iam not surprised we are also clearing the Pneomococal vaccine ( Pneumonia) ...he has had a temp the first day and now on the 4th day good thing is he cleaned up all by himself  ....and it wasnt even his mess..? well I hope this positive change stays......For you ..your thinking sheesh big woopty deal ...hah!!? ..he cleaned up !? well ..we are talking about a child if told to clean up would hit the walls till he dropped to the floor Yeah it is a big deal !!!....something positive I always appreciate ....if you are a mommy warrior like me know what Iam talking about .......moving forward ...lets hope we stay positive ..yet another peel of the onion has been shed ....the Autism onion .....though it's not a real onion eyes are teary anyways..............till the next vaccine clearing ...stay positive!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

viral sores from hell .............

It has been a very long and painful labor day weekend for Hasan. His birthday this year was probably the most painful one yet :( Since we have cleared the viral vaccines I think they are surfacing now. Since he has huge sore all over his lips. Started on the inside of his upper lip then transferred to the bottom lip right under it  and now next to it and round it! So he has been biting on them and now they are infected ...................I don't know how to heal him. The doctors don't really say or do anything ............I have been begging them for something as his lips are bleeding and have pus in them for three days.......oh the agony I hear in his voice when he cries .....Praying to the lord that his DAN! doctor will prescribe something today and also talking to the homeopath in two hours. I need to fix this ...I need to fix it now....I am posting pictures of when the sore just started ..they are 100% worse today..:(

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

For the love of food.....

I have been meaning to share some amazing recipes for a while, that I have collected over time. Tonight I finally was able to sit down and type. The first recipe I call it, Pumpkin Halwa the kiddos loved it. If your little one loves anything kinda like gummy bears/thick jello ( hard to describe) they would love this. Heres the recipe:
Pumpkin 2 Cups Chopped
Honey/agave nectar 1/3 Cup or less 
coconut milk 1/2 cup
Green Cardamom 1
coconut butter 5 tbs 
Cashews 10 Optional
Raisins 8
1 pack knox gelatin powder ( or whichever one you use)

This recipe is very forgiving you can add or take out according to whatever your taste or diet requires. Fry the chopped pumpkin or acorn squash up until slightly browned up. Add all the ingredients that remain except the gelatin powder. Cook for 15 minutes on low. Turn the heat off and mix the gelatin in 3 tbs of water and mix it really quickly in the cooked pumpkin mixture.Pour the mixture into the desired shape pa. Kids love food they can hold and eat so get creative. Let it set for two hours then chill. If you cannot use the above sweeteners you can try stevia as well as long as you don't cook it.

Pink Diamonds this one is really good I love it specially since it is Ramadan and I miss home soo much. My dadi aka grandma would love this one. it has cashew milk , rose water, vanilla , honey and gelatin powder. If your into agar agar you can use that. But I used gelatin powder which is allowed on the SC diet plus its more gut healing asd well. 
2 envelopes Knox gelatin powder
11/2 cups cashew milk/coconut milk ( you can use a thicker milk substitute here)
2 tsp rose water 
4 tbs honey/ or stevia powder or pear sauce 1/2 cup
few drops vanilla.
Heat cashew / coconut milk till bubbling. Close the heat. Then mix the gelatin powder with 3 tbs water till dissolved. Mix everything together and let it set. Chill for a few hours. This one is really good for really hot days. Rose water is very soothing for the stomach. You can find it in ethinic stores  . I get it from and Indian store in Irvine for $2 its nothing expensive ! do try it :)

Chicken Satay...
1/2 lb chicken tenders.
1/2 lime.
1/2 tsp peanut or sesame oil.
pinch of fresh grated ginger and umeplum vineger 1/2 tsp.( whole foods)
Marinate chicken with with the above ingredients for two hours. Heat up some extra oil any kind you use . I used coconut oil. You don't have to use skewers :) . Fry them up on both side till well cooked and serve with a dipping sauce of choice.
We made a pinenut butter and ginger/lime dipping sauce pretty simple. 
3 tbs pinenuts ( trader joes)
2 tbls light tasting oil
salt and a few drops lime. Blend it up , then top with a tiny bit of ginger. I use ginger since it helps with digestion, if your kids don't like it don't use it! or you can get them familiar with some of the healing spices.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Screw the funding for aba..Ill just get my own..

So getting a good behavioral therapist is one issue but getting enough ours funded is another. I have finally added a new member to Hasan's team. She is going to be working with Hasan one on one for and additional 8 hours per week. This is helpful these days specially since I have not been able to function 100%. so 23 hours per week from the regional center and now 8 more...31 hours per week not 40 yet but will get there too. My goal is to have Hasan in full time therapy 40 hours per week. Plus school, social skills and speech therapy. He needs this extra push rightnow.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sequential Homeopathy pointers.

Some of my close friends have asked me  about how and when to ask for specific remedies from their homeopaths. In this post I will be including some basic strategies to keep in mind when working with a homeopath who will understand your child's individual needs.

  1. Make a list of the most problematic health issues your child has ,obvious things like, doesn't sleep well, anxiety,aggression,constipation, elopement,extended belly, sensitive to sounds, etc and ask the homeopath to give you "support remedies". Support just means they will help make it easier for you to get through the day with your child while you are treating the underlying cause.
  2. I knew Hasan had inflammation because we tested him for it and the numbers were sky high, so I asked for a remedy to reduce inflammation because I did NOT want to  give him any prescriptions. 
  3. Payers patch is a good one for our kiddos who don't absorb their food and don't grow much. I asked the homeopath myself to make sure there was something to help with it..That helped with aggression a bit.  As I believed that whenever he ate he started hitting his head does cause discomfort for him...what else could I do ? Not feed him ? So that was very important.
  4. Thymus support, we were on it biomedically but there had to be something in homeopathy as well, there is you just have to ask.
  5. Be stubborn and ask for what your child needs, even if they are simple things so you get what you need, it will make a difference.
  6. I wrote a timeline, of events and traumas that happened in Hasan's life so it would give me a clear Map on how to gauge my way through clearing the incidents to get his immune system up and running. So use that as a guide , add or takeout what is needed, do not hold back.
For example we saw Dr. Sudhir Gupta and he recommended IVIG for hasan but I just could not get the funds together so I asked my homeopath for something to help in the meantime and they recommended Gama globulin,it does almost the same thing as Intravenous Immuno globins but it  is NOT a blood product so there are No sideeffects. It is NOT a replacement but it helps, until you can afford $5000 everymonth. Any other questions email me for sure :) I would be glad to share. On a side note as a mom to all my mama warriors, dont stop ! keep going ...there are things that need to be done...and your the one who needs to do them. Also give yourself some time too spend it with your best friend .....or someone you love and cares for you back wont be sorry ... you'll be surprised on the strength it gives you. :)

Is this PANDAS ...?

So for all; of you that don't know what PANDAS it is the short for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections. The term is used to describe a subset of children who have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)! I don't what is going on but I have a monster in my hands.....At the moment I have dropped ALL supplements for Hasan...I mean all of them. He seems 20% calmer I think ? Well its a a start. My son went from a sweet loving little fella, to an aggressive, kicking punching and screaming little boy. That was the most difficult thing to go through. Specially when I was doing it alone... Things are very rocky with me and his dad this has been all in all a very tough month. Dr.Green just prescribed something for hasan it is call , metro benzoate , I think it is for parasites and bacteria. Have not started that yet. So lets see what it does, researching a bit now ..Stay with me for an update and some really good pointers for sequential homeopathy and some yummy recipes we gotta share some food love :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Obsessed a little?

Haa!! You think ..? I have been dealing with Hasan's HUGE .....I mean HUGE  OCD's lately ...he is become a hoarder ..if you don't know what that means .....Let me explain a little..So everything in Autism is way more intense than in a regular little child. Hasan has been carrying around every type,size ,make and model of everything Lion/tiger like...this is a disaster! He always liked to carry little toys in his hands that was normal a little atleast when he was 2..but now its like the big kahuna of that behavior....I am so upset,sad,angry and helpless. His behavioral team has suggested interventions to reduce or eliminate this problem. But the therapist are here 18 hours  week. Guess who has to follow through the rest of the time ...who else ? MEEEEE of course ..I am the mom ...I have to do its been 12 days 4 hours of sleep each night and hiding his little toy obsessions 24/7. Why has the OCD increased 10 fold ? The two new things started was EDTA suppositories and earth dragon supplement. I think Iam pulling the plug on those to see what happens today..enough is enough ...or are we dealing with Strep !? Calling up the Doc this morning to find out (hoping he'll have a n answer).......You do know there's a gut brain connection don't you ?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chelation update.........

One thing I wanted to write in this post is that...............I'm tired ...really tired ......tired of being tired you get it ...? I just cant seem to have the energy to be giving Hasan the 3 hours of one on one of speech and aba that I used to in michigan .........its just been crazy after moving to California...First we moved from Michigan...into a Condo in Tustin ........a year later we moved to Irvine...oh yeah ..Irvine can I quickly add this ....Irvine= Snob central !! Here is where the rich people dwell.. yeah you know em ..the ones with the really long noses....who really see you as an outcast lol !! specially if you have a less than perfect child.....well guess what ...Ive been learning how to be a " snob" lately..dont worry ...only when Iam bombarded with weird looks and jugdmental comments i just look away ..haha But thats the best snob I can be ever !! ..but its all good.....(because I  vented) Iam good now :) lol ......Soooooooooo hows it hanging everyone ? For us ..its been a long two months ..very very long two months!!....Dr. Green has changed the chelation protocol on my request we have been chelating for six months now...and I see a Plateau with focus , attention and IQ we are adding Ca Edta suppositories twice per week followed by Intramuscular DMPS ......Iam praying it only does good.iA.........Ca Edta is known for attracting more lead which seems to be higher in the challenge test we provoked with Hasan .......I have been researching about lead and have found some very interesting facts about lead toxicity ....Well most of them Match exactly Hasan.....Lead deposits in the eyes and soft this the reason he has HUGE dark grey shadows on the white part of his eye? hmmmmmmm maybe ...? well I have heard kids rubbing their eyes alot or who have visual problems ..for example dual vision have been known to be lead toxic ..and when we use Ca edta to bind to it ...the stims increase at first .metal redistribution I suppose? ..thats why we are following up the ca edta with the IM DMPS to catch the floating metals....thats our new protocol ...wish us luck .............we are about to go on a roller coaster ride again .....

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Clearing MMR .........Rudi Verspoor

We gave our first MMR clearing to Hasan  ...........along with a few others.......the roughest week I have seen with Hasan since he was about 2 years old.........I hope we are clearing it .....99 degree temp first day ............face a bit swollen and cried non stop poor baby ..Dear Almighty lord......please help this child ........sigh*


Yes so I am finally opening up about it .I think its time I put  this information out there..considering the fact has been eating me bit by bit each day ..........Sooooooooo here goes !! First we had a Autism diagnosis....then this ..?Well lets put it this way , I finally got my answers to why Hasan cant speak clearly no matter how many diets and vitamins I poured down him :(  He has Apraxia ...Yes he does ...........and he's never ever supposed to talk clearly ....ever ..........thats what all the (13 speech therapists we have seen ....ahan !3 alright! )have told me  over the past 3 years.......well you know what .............we have found a speech therapist (alhmd)who thinks the past speech pathologist can kiss my Big fat lazy Bum!! Oh yeah I said it read it I said Bum!!! She has been working sooo hard with Hasan...and he is trying so hard.....along with the Oxygen therapy we are trying to talk clearer .every day ..............if Autism wasnt blocking is social interaction well as all the weird sounds he tries to make child could tell me .I love you instead of of I you you .........But you know what .............this phase shall pass too.when I started this journey with Hasan...I knew every step would be a brand new challenge .be it financial, Marital, or just plane old difficult to achieve ......................You should know by Now ........I dont give up , we don't give up............would I be considered a warrior if I did?? .............who knows and honestly that doesn't matter Only Hasan does .but Iam not giving up .......Speech is on the way ................and I can smell sweet victory the way yes I did type Marital it wasn't a typo .....this post is out to the world now ..Hope it give you strength ......Just believe and keep going ..........

Friday, July 1, 2011

Custom Probiotics.

So I have been waiting to post specifically about Custom Probiotics for a while now. As you know Hasan's Gut problems are very significant. But this probiotic seems to help the most, mostly with his tummy, Language as well as awareness. It is pricey but I would not waste money on any other probiotic at the health food store. We use the D-lactate free Probiotic from Custom Probiotics. We have used many other's from every Kirkman brand, Klaires, threelac, theralac, Culturelle Sac B . It was not until we added the probiotic that our Chelator worked !....Gut bacteria is CRUCIAL in detoxification! I cannot stress enough. We give one adult scoop on an EMPTY stomach in the morning, and One scoop before bed time with 2 tsp Cod liver oil, Plus 500mg GLA from primrose oil , it should be Hexane free.
One thing I would like to say, when you start your probiotic start very slow( for e.g.half child scoop once a day slowly increasing every three days)  And always be prepared for bad behaviors for atleast 3 weeks after started any Antifungal or Immune enhancing therapy. Only then will you be able to gauge your child's true response and lastly please Dont give up ! Unless you push through you will never know what is at the end of the tunnel ! Be persistant .................................

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Houston Homeopathy ..

So as you all know we have started hasan on sequential homeopathy and it has been a very rocky road so far...I saw some increased eye contact but for now that is about it. Iam praying it will work for us as we spend $1000 on it every month ..yes its like having a mortgage... that is why Hasan's dad and me are trying to think of ways to fund his treatments ..let alone the cost of aba  therapy ..its a shame this has to be a constant battle with the schoolsand with the county .... We will keep trying and keep pushing forward ... Hasan has been very hyperactive and visual stims are horrible ....this week was full of non compliance and terrible meltdowns ...I have had a very difficult time with him ... I just hope next week will be better ... clearing dtap vaccine next well as difflucan/dmps/antibiotics etc ...Lets see how this goes....ya ali madad !

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dr Sudhir Gupta

We have gone for our initial blood work and waiting to go discuss the results of the tests for Hasan on May 4th . Lets hope for the best. These test results will detemine the level of Immune deficiency Hasan has. I cant wait will answers some big questions.....for now we loved meeting dr.Gupta he is a wonderful doctor!

Rudi Verspoor!!!!! Homeopathy has started.

We have started with Rudi verspoor ! This has been long awaited ...finally I made the call and made an appointment with Rudi. I just wanted to "reverse" somethings that in my mind have effected Hasan in a negative way, and "sequential homeopathy" was the only way we could have done this. We received the first few remedies which included a remedy for OCD's as well as the big Antibiotic drainage. Since Hasan was on antibiotic's for 2 years of his life, due to a mis diagnosis, it played a huge role in the way the vaccines have effected him. We also did a remedy named Nat m for three days, which was very similar to somethings that he has indicated including the night sweats and very cold extremities. He is very emotional and is not transitioning well, visual stims have increased ten fold ! He gave me trouble just to walk into sisters school to pick her up. He wanted to stay out and break all the leaves off the bushes. This is new! ......he also said " MY BABY"  very clearly right after imitating me when I said ...hi my baby to him. This is also new.....He is super hyper and stimmy. Wants to play peek- a -bo with the pillows on my bed ...this came out after 3 years ! The big new thing is ...the first day of the NAT M remedy he sang row row boat in a very high pitch ..he NEVER tried to attempt to sing when I played that with him. We are still chelating with Intramuscular DMPS 200 mg/ml solution...0.5 ml once  a week, this week we got the vial from Park pharmacy in Irvine. We have also re started Dipan 9 which is a pancreatic enzymes our DAN! thought since his pnacreatic function was very low this would help ....tummy still extended though. Well....Im hoping the good things stay and the huge tantrums while transitioning end soon. Could this be homeopathy of have we hit a good round in chelation ...? will be observing him ...we speak to Rudi on the 24th again ...I cannot wait ! God You are watching over us arent you :D  !!!! Im going to say Mashallah at the end of this post I dont jinx us ....50 hours of therapy per week still this is including school..aba is just 25 hours per week..starting speech soon ..if all goes well.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

NAET and why I took this path.

Honestly as we had started doing DMPS shot for Hasan, I had started to feel extremely guilty , about giving him his shots. He cried for so long and I just couldnt bare it, even though I know my lovely child is mercury and lead toxic( proved by testing) I just cant do this for too long.
So I searched how to rebuild his allergy prone immune system and landed on NAET. But was not convinced at all to start treating him.
The next thing was I had started praying everynight to ask God to guide me , and show me sign on how to help my son and within the day, I stepped on a tacky piece of gum, as I walked to pick Hasan up from school. I bend down to remove it from my shoe, on it was stuck a fortune cookie wrapper saying......" what you seek lies in your back yard".
I still did thought wow ! whats in my back yard....? hehe being somewhat shallow, but the day went on with numerous hours of aba therapy and so on.
The next day as I searched some things , I got very fed up....I landed on an article saying Dr Devi Namburipad and autism recovery !! Now when I hear that it does grab my attention, I found out the founder of this therapy is right here in California, just like Dr, Gupta !
I knew there had to be a reason I keep stumbling upon her name ....she has alot to do with autism....and she's in my very own backyard !!
That Fortune cookie now made sense.................................