Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rudi Verspoor!!!!! Homeopathy has started.

We have started with Rudi verspoor ! This has been long awaited ...finally I made the call and made an appointment with Rudi. I just wanted to "reverse" somethings that in my mind have effected Hasan in a negative way, and "sequential homeopathy" was the only way we could have done this. We received the first few remedies which included a remedy for OCD's as well as the big Antibiotic drainage. Since Hasan was on antibiotic's for 2 years of his life, due to a mis diagnosis, it played a huge role in the way the vaccines have effected him. We also did a remedy named Nat m for three days, which was very similar to somethings that he has indicated including the night sweats and very cold extremities. He is very emotional and is not transitioning well, visual stims have increased ten fold ! He gave me trouble just to walk into sisters school to pick her up. He wanted to stay out and break all the leaves off the bushes. This is new! ......he also said " MY BABY"  very clearly right after imitating me when I said ...hi my baby to him. This is also new.....He is super hyper and stimmy. Wants to play peek- a -bo with the pillows on my bed ...this came out after 3 years ! The big new thing is ...the first day of the NAT M remedy he sang row row boat in a very high pitch ..he NEVER tried to attempt to sing when I played that with him. We are still chelating with Intramuscular DMPS 200 mg/ml solution...0.5 ml once  a week, this week we got the vial from Park pharmacy in Irvine. We have also re started Dipan 9 which is a pancreatic enzymes our DAN! thought since his pnacreatic function was very low this would help ....tummy still extended though. Well....Im hoping the good things stay and the huge tantrums while transitioning end soon. Could this be homeopathy of have we hit a good round in chelation ...? will be observing him ...we speak to Rudi on the 24th again ...I cannot wait ! God You are watching over us arent you :D  !!!! Im going to say Mashallah at the end of this post I dont jinx us ....50 hours of therapy per week still this is including school..aba is just 25 hours per week..starting speech soon ..if all goes well.

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